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We need YOU!

HEA members:

If you have been tuned into Teacher Bargaining, you know that things are not going well. The district most recently proposed a 1% increase, which would mean approximately $800/year for those towards the top of the scale, and $400/year for the lower end of the scale. If you fall in the middle of the scale, you would be looking at a $50/month gross increase, and would probably get home with $33.00 more in your pocket. That won't even buy you a tank of gas to get to work!

The HEA Bargaining Team needs you! The Union needs you! Your colleagues need you! I need you!

I want to see EVERY union member at the bargaining meeting on Wednesday IN PERSON! When you join online, no one in the bargaining room can see you, so it's like you don't exist. The district sees the 10 people on the bargaining team, and is seeming to discount the other 620 of you!

Wear your GREEN! Show up IN PERSON. Don't leave this to your friends and colleagues--make it your mission to be there!

4:00 p.m., Lincoln Board Room, Wednesday, May 11. Do it for your bargaining team! Do it for your union!



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