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The Election is May 2

School Board Candidates:

The HEA ad hoc School Board Trustee Interview committee met prior to Spring Break. We were able to interview both Jennifer McKee and Linda Cleatus. We were impressed with both of these candidates. Because these are uncontested races, the School Board Trustees will NOT appear on the ballot on May 2. Jennifer McKee, Linda Cleatus, and Jennifer Walsh (high school rep) will be sworn in at the May Board of Trustees meeting.


Two levies will appear on the ballot: an elementary (K-8) general levy and a building reserve levy.

The general levy is money that goes into our general fund to support our teachers and students. We hope that if the levy passes, we may be able to take some of the fiscal pressure off of the elementary district.

The building reserve levy is for money that would go to repair and maintain our facilities. This is not money for a new building (that would call for a bond), but rather money to put on roofs, fix boilers, add lighting, etc.

The Helena Education Association Board of Directors voted to support both of these levies. We are working with the For Our Kids, For Our Future! campaign, run by Lisa Cordingley, and we've asked MFPE to partner with us as well. It is imperative that both of these levies pass--we would be leaving money on the table for years to come if we don't pass the general levy, and the building reserve levy is key to starting work on our Facilities Master Plan. HEA is encouraging every member to vote FOR both levies! We will be getting out more information to you about the levies and volunteer opportunities to help get them passed.

Yard Signs:

If you would like a yard sign showing your support of the great staff of the Helena Public Schools, please contact me at . Just type "I want a yard sign" in the subject area, and I will drop one at your house. I'll even put it in the ground if I can!


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