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We're off and running!

Hello Colleagues!

September has already been a busy month! It is exciting to see you all back and doing your thing!

Rep Council had its first meeting on Tuesday. We have about 50 educators and 25 paraeducators new to the district this year--please welcome our new colleagues. Paraeducators are using the AESOP system for guest paras, so help them out on the system if necessary. Nominations are open for the Elementary Board of Directors position, due by Sept. 25. Also, if you are a non-tenured member heading to the Educators Conference in Belgrade in October, you can be reimbursed for $50.00 in travel expenses by providing a copy of your sectional transcript to me.

Check out the website calendar to stay up to date on what's happening--including Angel Fund fundraisers and HEF activities.

Thank you for all you do for our students each and every day!


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