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Science is all about theories

MFPE k-12 Certified Members,

You are NOT going to believe this...

Monday, Februrary 6, the Senate Education Committee will hear SB 235 (Emrich) to establish requirements for science instruction in public schools. Here is all you need to know about SB 235:

  • eliminates any discussion of theories in science education (GRAVITY is a theory)

  • unconstitutional infringement on Board of Public Ed authority to set standards

  • unconstitutional infringement on local school board authority to adopt curriculum

  • the staff time, the hearing, and the paper it's printed on are a waste of taxpayer dollars when the legislature should be creating JOBS

Please contact the members of the Senate Education Committee before Tuesday, February 7th to ask them to TABLE SB 235 and/or plan to testify. See instructions for messaging and committee participation below. Please be respectful (more respectful than I have been here).

THANK YOU for standing up for Montana's kids and families! You are amazing!

In solidarity,


There are SEVERAL ways to contact the committee.

  1. Go here to send the entire committee the same message with one click.

  2. Call the Capitol switchboard at 406-444-4800 and leave a message for up to three members at a time.

  3. Use the email addresses below in your personal email account.

  4. Request a link here to testify via zoom. You must request the link before 5pm Sunday!

  5. Show up in person to room 422 on Monday at 3pm.

Here's an email list for Senate Education that you can copy and paste into your address bar:

Daniel Salomon (R) - Chair

Russ Tempel (R) Vice Chair

Edie McClafferty (D) - Vice Chair *member*

Daniel Emrich (R)

Steve Fitzpatrick (R)

John Fuller (R)

Greg Hertz (R)

Shannon O'Brien (D) *member*

Andrea Olsen (D) *member*

Keith Regier (R)

Susan Webber (D)


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