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Legislative Action

Do you care where Educators and Education Support Professionals (ESPs) are in the line for the COVID-19 vaccine? Well, Governor Gianforte shunned the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, and moved educators and ESPs from Tier 1B to Tier 1C. This means that we are one step ahead of the general public.

While I wish that the vaccine and a vaccination plan was ready for everyone, that is not the reality. We, as teachers and ESPs, need to advocate for us needing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. We are essential workers that are needed to be vaccinated in order to re-open the economy.

Please contact your state legislator and urge them to return teachers and ESPs to Tier 1B as recommended by the CDC guidelines. The legislature needs to hear from all of you!

Some hints for contacting your legislator:

Be polite

Be to the point

Reference the bill that you are for or against (ie. HB13)--if applicable

Give a personal story--how does this effect you or your students or your families.

Here is the link on how to find your legislator! Click on Legislator Search after getting into the site.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have, or if you are willing to get more involved:

Thank you for your support!



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