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K-12 Inflationary Funding

TODAY, Monday, January 30, the Senate Education Committee will hear HB 15 to provide for inflationary funding for k-12 public education. Here are some facts about HB 15:

  • provides 2.7% inflation on state share of funding for public schools in 2024

  • provides 3% inflation (maximum allowed by law) on state share of funding for public schools in 2025

  • Montana has the money

  • this funding is needed to provide the constitutionally mandated free quality public education to every student

Please email the members of the Senate Education Committee before Tuesday, January 31 to ask them to pass HB 15 and thank them for their service.

THANK YOU for standing up for Montana's kids and families! You are amazing!

In solidarity,


There are SEVERAL ways to contact the committee.

  1. Go here to send the entire committee the same message with one click.

  2. Call the Capitol switchboard at 406-444-4800 and leave a message for up to three members at a time.

  3. Use the email addresses below in your personal email account.

Here's an email list for Senate Education that you can copy and paste into your address bar:

Daniel Salomon (R) - Chair

Russ Tempel (R) Vice Chair

Edie McClafferty (D) - Vice Chair *member*

Daniel Emrich (R)

Steve Fitzpatrick (R)

John Fuller (R)

Greg Hertz (R)

Shannon O'Brien (D) *member*

Andrea Olsen (D) *member*

Keith Regier (R)

Susan Webber (D)


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