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Bargaining Update 11/9/21


November 9, 2021

Meeting Summary:

The HEA bargaining team met and discussed:

  • Facilitators for bargaining (Max Hallfrisch, Dept. of Labor and Industry)

  • Potential meetings beginning after January 1 (Wednesdays, 4-6p)

  • Methods for sharing information among bargaining members (shared Google folder)

  • Methods for member communication (HEA website)

  • Roles for bargaining members

o Jane: AA president conversations

o Adam: COLA research

o Joanne: historical district research

o Jonna: meeting notes

o Kelly: information organization

  • Various strategies and talking points discussion

    • Last raise to the PCAP scale was $780 added to each step in 2018-2019

Next Steps:

  • Jane will draft a letter with district, proposing Max Hallfrisch as bargaining facilitator

Next HEA Meeting:



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