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Bargaining February 1, 2022

The HEA and HSD bargaining team met on Wednesday, January 26, for the first time. We are participating in interest-based bargaining (IBB), so we are working with facilitator Max Hallfrisch through the Montana State Dept. of Labor and Industry. At the January 26 meeting we introduced the members of the team and learned about the process.

The HEA teams consists of: Jane Shawn, Anna Alger, Adam Clinch, Joanne Didriksen, Kelly Elder, Bob Korizek, Erika McMillin, Paul Phillips, Jonna Schwartz and Jake Warner.

The HSD team consists of Rex Weltz, Josh McKay, Stacy Collette, Janelle Mickelson, Brett Zanto, Dave Thennis, Wynn Randall, Terry Beaver and Jennifer McKee. Neither of the trustees were present at the January 26 meeting.

The next meeting of the HEA and HSD teams will be Wednesday, February 9, 4:00-5:00 in the Board Room at Lincoln Center. This meeting is open to the public, but only the members of the bargaining teams are allowed to participate in the process.

Between our bi-monthly meetings, the HEA team will be meeting together. Our goal this week is to frame our "story," the first step in the IBB process.

As to the retirement incentive proposal, HEA is supposed to receive a response from the district by tomorrow, February 2.


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