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Bargaining 4/20/22

The HEA/HSD Bargaining team met yesterday and had another robust discussion. The notes are below. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, April 27, at 4:00 at the Lincoln Center Boardroom. You may join in person or on TEAMS.

District Negotiations


Discussed Definition of Consensus

TRS- stipends considered as being similar to bonuses

Discussed additional duties being a part of teaching during the past two years.

Response from Missoula S.D.- elem. Numbers decrease- a lot of work to do there. 1% increase discussed last week. Missoula had a demographic study completed- seeing an increase. Not sure of their staffing ratios? Each high school student equates to approx. $6,000. The Missoula teacher’s union asked for 10% over 2 years. Starting off with 1-1.25%.

Where does the money come from?

What are other options?

1. 1%

2. 2%

3. 2.5%

4. 7%

Stipends? Not sure unless there is language to help. What would language have to look like?

Depends on TRS- and what they deem as “additional duties.”

5. $2,500

Would it apply to all?

6. $800 (equates to $1,000)

7. $1000- equates to $1,200

8. Stipend- based upon % of what they are making- for example- 4% vs. 11%

Stipend discussion- would be for one year, bargaining again next year

How does it factor into retirement?


A stipend does not help solve the problem. What happens to the matrix?

“On the base” means in every cell

9. 1% on base

10. Blend- % on base, with a stipend

1% base, 1% stipend

11. 6% base, 1% stipend

12. 2-2.5% base

What is the dollar amount that is available?

What does a step cost?

What does a 1% stipend cost? $280,000

2.57%- state inflationary factor for next year, passed 2 levies last year

Steps- $257,000 a year- after removing staffing already discussed

$720,000- cost of 2.57% on the base

13. 7.9-12%

Reviewed admin pay- discussion of inequity between teachers and admin pay

To get to top of scale is 25 steps

Last week, district would look at priorities- what is the possible give? What is the total amount of money?

How much money to put on the table as a starting point?

Where is that cliff?

14. 4% and 2% stipend = $1.68 million

$1.2 million


15. Between 4% and 7.9%

What is needed for next meeting?

How many people is this? What is the FTE for ongoing money?

Next meeting- next Wednesday.

Principal Table Shared on Slide 10 from HSD’s Spring 2021 Market Analysis Report

Helena Admin Min and Max Values for ’20-’21 and ’21-‘22

Summarizing Principal Min and Max Values Relative to Avg and Max from HSD Market Analysis Report


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