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News on Bargaining

As most of you are aware, the HEA and the HSD bargaining teams met virtually on Thursday, April 23. We first discussed some contract language proposals where we have some tentative agreements: We will be deleting all language references to the old salary matrix, as we no longer have any teachers on that salary matrix; definitions for the words "school," "business," and "calendar" days; and some other small changes that we are still working through. We discussed three big proposals from the district to: determine a "building" as a physical building and K-12 Special Education, Nursing, Music, Physical Education, Counseling, and Library for purposes of assignment and transfer--HEA opposes this language as it is not the will of the members; have teachers complete the online transfer form between Nov. 1 and Jan. 20--HEA opposes this language as it seriously limits our members access to transfers; and have teachers supervise playground time at the discretion of the District--HEA opposes this language as it is in direct conflict with current language that acknowledges that a "teacher's primary responsibility is to teach."

You can view the TEAMS meeting link (the first one--click on the Bargaining Committee Meeting Agenda)--it covers the whole 2 1/2 hour meeting. You can also view a re-recording (for better sound quality) of the presentation only on the second link (copy and paste):

The second part of our meeting focused on HEA's salary proposal presentation. We made three proposals: a salary adjustment to all steps of 2.9% in year one, 2.25% in year two, and 2.25% in year three; an adjustment in the amount of the stipend awarded for those certifications that need to have regular recertification requirements outside of continuing education credits; and an annual review/audit of all staffing district wide. Following the presentation we fielded questions from the district and trustee bargaining members.

Next steps: The contract language subcommittee will continue to work on draft language, and the HEA/HSD bargaining teams will meet at a date to be determined to answer any follow up questions and discuss whether the district will accept our proposal, make a counter offer to our proposal, or reject our proposal completely and offer their own proposal.

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