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Check out what's going on!

The HEA Board of Directors met last Tuesday. There was a lively discussion about guest teachers, the lack thereof, and how to solve the problem. If you have any great suggestions, bring them to your building rep!


The COPE Board voted to support our own HEA member candidate, Melissa Romano, in her bid for Superintendent of Public Instruction! We donated $340 to her campaign on behalf of HEA.


Helena Vigilante Runners are sponsoring the Helena Sun Run on October 5. The beneficiaries of this fundraiser are Helena's new elementary schools. Check the calendar for a link to their website.


The MFPE Educators Conference is fast approaching. Register for the Belgrade conference at Remember that 0--5 year union members go for free, union members pay $30, and nonmembers pay $100--registration must be completed by October 15. There are a ton of sectionals to choose from. All non-tenured HEA members can receive a $50 travel stipend from HEA--just submit proof of attendance.


Our next Building Rep Council meeting is October 8--let your rep know if you have any concerns.


Ongoing bargaining is beginning in October. We would love to have one more committee member from HMS. Let me know if you are interested. Also, send any bargaining issues to me or other committee members!


Thanks for everything you do every day! Jane

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