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Tuition and Fees Reimbursement

Hello all!

Attached is the application for Tuition and Fees Reimbursement. This application is due by April 15th. Please read the important information below regarding eligibility, deadlines, and requirements. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Tuition and Fees Reimbursements:

In order to be considered for tuition and fees reimbursement, teachers must have attained tenure status in School District No. 1. Persons utilizing appropriated money must return to the District the following contract year or repay the money received. Teachers who receive federal, state, or private grants for assistance in attending school shall not be eligible. As used herein, the term “tuition and fees” shall include workshop fees, tuition charges, registration fees, housing, other required fees, the cost of books, and other required course materials. Credits must be from an accredited college or university and pertain to the professional growth of the recipient. Recipients are not eligible to apply for tuition and fees reimbursement again for three years.

In order to qualify for reimbursement, the teacher applicant must meet certain procedural requirements. Letters of application should be addressed to the Professional Growth Committee by April 15th of each year. Once approved the person has from May 1st of that same year until May 1st of the next school year to complete the course or in-service and submit appropriate documentation for a claim for payment. Payment shall be made to recipients upon receipt of proof of credits earned and upon receipt of proof of tuition and fees payment.

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