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These are Exciting Times!

MEA-MFT and the Montana Public Employees Association (MPEA) are joining forces. We will create a new, merged union – stronger, bigger, and more effective than ever.

MEA-MFT and MPEA have already worked together for many years. Together, we saved public employee pensions, fought privatization, created Work That Matters, and much more. In spring 2017, delegates to the 2017 MEA-MFT representative assembly and the MPEA annual meeting voted overwhelmingly to merge.

Since then, a joint task force of MPEA and MEA-MFT leaders has met and agreed upon a draft constitution. When merger takes place, we will be a statewide union representing more than 25,000 working Montanans.

Learn more at a regional meeting near you. MEA-MFT and MPEA will co-host a series of regional meetings around the state, where all members of MEA-MFT and MPEA can discuss and learn more about the proposed constitution and the merger process. We will also discuss other timely topics, including the state budget and national threats to unions.

Sign up to attend a regional meeting at:


Wed. Oct. 11 - 5:30 p.m.

MEA-MFT Headquarters, 1232 E 6th Ave

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